An Overview of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been growing in popularity all over the world in recent years. They are being used to aid in smoking cessation by tobacco users, as well as an alternative to tobacco use. Consumer reviews of the product have generally been very positive.

Consumers are enjoying the benefits of electronic cigarettes. The product’s nicotine cartridges, also referred to as E-Juice, come in a variety of flavors. Electronic cigarettes have not posed any danger to the general public, so smokers use them in places where traditional tobacco products have been banned.

There is some argument about the regulation of electronic cigarettes as well as whether or not they can actually help people quit smoking. Some consumers report that they’ve successfully quit smoking altogether by using electronic cigarettes. Other groups of consumers report that they’re still using both e-cigarettes as well as tobacco products, or are only using the e-cigarette.

Several organizations and governments are questioning some of the claims made by the product’s manufacturers. They would like to have more studies about the product’s safety, and regulate them the same way that other non-nicotine containing products are regulated. They would also like for the product not to be legal for minors to purchase.

Despite these government warnings to consumers, it’s not dissuading them from checking out the product. The clamor may actually be generating more consumer interest in trying electronic cigarettes than fear of them. Use of the product has gone up 10% among American young people and 4.3% among American adults.

There are several different brands of electronic cigarettes to choose from and they come in a variety of flavors. Consumer reviews of the product are generally positive, despite claims from some governments and organizations that the product isn’t safe. Use of electronic cigarettes may be regulated at some point, but it appears consumers have spoken, and the product is here to stay.